LinkedIn Learning Review: My 100% honest opinion

The platform lets you choose between individual courses to quickly learn professional skills or go more in-depth with 34 certification courses. LinkedIn Learning offers 18,000+ courses on topics in Business, Creative or Technology.

  • Getting a LinkedIn certification is relatively easy and quite inexpensive as well.
  • You can read my full Skillshare review and get access to a free trial here.
  • They exist to show the learner how to do one very specific thing or to explain one specific principle.
  • Before I started browsing LinkedIn Learning’s enormous library of over 16,000 courses, I had three very specific worries about finding a course that was “right” for me.

We’re here to help you find, research, and select the right online course for your needs, desires, and budget. For more granular advice for getting the best value out of Coursera check out our Coursera cost review. The tutors are the same professors that teach in person or are recognized industry experts. To give you a flavor of some of the most popular certified courses I’ve listed the most highly rated courses on the platform. All Coursera Certificates appear on your Accomplishments page as secure URLs. Plus, you can download Certificates as PDF files and print them.


If you register or buy a course using our links, we may receive a commission. Read my full review of Udemy and get access to current discounts here. Other than that, you can also mention your experience with self-education in the interview itself. Probably the person who’s focused on growing/improving, because they’re going to help your company more and more as time goes on. Also, you CAN cancel during the first month and not pay anything.

are linkedin courses worth it

The clip-art graphics and stock photography clue you in — this is not the place to come for inspiration on writing or to learn how to interpret Renaissance painting. When you complete a course, you’ll be awarded a certificate to display on your LinkedIn profile. These aren’t widely recognised, but they may show employers your dedication to expanding your skillset. The Q&A section is also very handy, as it’s here that you can pose questions if you’re stuck on a particular section. We liked the communal approach to learning here, although it would be nice if the experts themselves were encouraged to jump in and explain the harder topics.

How do I add a graduate certificate to LinkedIn?

Also, it will vary depending on the professor that is working on the course. Some will naturally be better than others, and some will explain topics in more detail than others. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python – this MIT course is free, but the verified certification costs €69 for a single course. Today, I was looking for it and I found out that it was no longer there. I am not sure how much time passed after I completed it for them to take it off, but since I got my credential, over 2.5 years have passed.

LinkedIn Learning has a self-service knowledge base for all technical support questions, as well as questions about your account and billing. If that’s not enough to answer your question, you can use their chat & email support to get in contact with a support agent. When you buy individual courses on LinkedIn Learning, you get the right to request a refund in the first 30 days after your purchase.

Unlimited Plan Upgrade

LinkedIn Learning provides an intuitive learning space with well-built filters and easy navigation. Another unique benefit of the LinkedIn Learning interface is that the front page highlights customized topics to the learners based on their LinkedIn profile.

As a professional, you should always be looking to learn new skills. After all, the more you know, the better you’ll stand out from the competition – in a job search, when competing for a promotion or raise, etc. A LinkedIn Basic account allows you to maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn. A Basic account is for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional profile online, locate and connect with colleagues and friends, plus receive messages and save up to three searches a week. According to LinkedIn, Premium Career account holders are hired an average of two times as fast as other candidates. This type of account provides online tools , and it’s an easy way for recruiters who aren’t in your network to view your profile and contact you with job opportunities. Also, some recruits feel that LinkedIn Premium profiles are a bit more professional for job hunters.

Overall Impression of the Course Quality

If you are trying to compare LinkedIn Learning to MOOcs from Universities such as Harvard or MIT, they are not precisely free. However, I think that the app for doing LinkedIn Learning courses is really good, simple, and intuitive. The videos load smoothly one after another, and you can always start where you left off. As we move on with our LinkedIn Learning review, I thought it was worth mentioning that they have an awesome mobile app. Now, I am not sure if many online course competitors offer mobile apps, and on top of that good ones. Technology – and last but not least, we have online courses on the latest technologies, including Cloud Computing, Data Science, Database Management, etc. Would I have kept paying if the price was, let’s say, 15 dollars?

  • The instructor will collaborate with LinkedIn Learning on the production, directing and editing of the content to produce high quality material.
  • It’s easy to overlook a couple of minor user interface issues and some slightly outdated material when you get SO MUCH bang for your buck.
  • However, a paid account gives you some added benefits depending on your choice of plan.
  • Overall, there’s not much overlap between The Great Courses and LinkedIn Learning, other than The Great Courses’ “Professional” category, which currently lists 80 courses.

Her own teaching style is very student-centered and focuses on active learning, so she understands how students learn and what a course needs to provide to make it helpful. Plus, if the course you are considering is not very popular you must check out the course rating and any reviews for the course. Because if it’s been on the online it courses platform a while it might be a little out of date. Any prospective employer is likely to see your investment in yourself as a good indicator that you’re a self starter and are worth their investment too. For short reviews of most of these courses and more detail about how Coursera works in general check out our Coursera review.

Again, LinkedIn Learning is like Udemy with pantsuits.

With LinkedIn Learning, dedicated students can pursue professional development in a myriad of ways beyond the scope of what they may have initially signed up for in the first place. Inactive learners who take 1-2 courses per year, on the other hand, might find that they are not getting their money’s worth. MasterClass sells only annual all-access subscriptions, starting at $180 per year. Skillshare’s pricing has jumped around over the years but seems to have settled at a low rate of $29.88 per year. Wondrium, formerly The Great Courses Plus, starts at $20 per month. Successful completion of a Learning Path will mean you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate can then be shared on your LinkedIn profile and will document to clients, employers, colleagues, friends and potential future employers of your skill set.

  • If you’ve ever used a service similar to that of LinkedIn Learning, everything is on the platform is going to be quite intuitive to use, since it doesn’t really stray away from the norm.
  • Learning courses on LinkedIn are LinkedIn Learning Courses Good?
  • You can gain this knowledge by following courses in a Learning Path.

Once you’re done, go to the “Related to this course” section below the video and click on “Show all”. We’re not sure how long these courses will offer free certificates. However, we plan to keep an eye on LinkedIn Learning and update the list continuously. And if you find more free certificates or courses, or if you notice an error in the list, please tell us in the comments. This will help – today, LinkedIn has published its listing of the 20 most popular LinkedIn Learning courses over the first half of 2022. You can use this website to access up to 15,000 courses in more than seven languages available both for free and with a subscription. Because really, you’re not getting many opportunities here to build skills via hands-on learning, at least in the software development department.

In addition to integration with Coursera and EdX platform, these are the recommendations of providers. By adding new courses to your Linkedin profile as soon as you finish your first one, your Linkedin profile will grow.

are linkedin courses worth it

In fact, according to LinkedIn’s internal statistics, 40 million people look for jobs on LinkedIn every week, and 3 people a minute find a job there. Being a Premium user lets you reach out directly to recruiters much more easily, giving you a leg up against the competition. Regardless of what kind of LinkedIn Premium account you get, deciding is LinkedIn Premium worth it depends on the advantages. As I mentioned above, some tools are highly specialized for particular use cases. LinkedIn Learning has different refund policies depending on how you purchase a course. The LinkedIn Learning subscription plan is only refundable if it’s required by law, otherwise you don’t get a refund.

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