The Story of Kalkidan

Kalikidan Gujo is one of female student in Dongora Elelcho primary school in Aleta Chuko Woreda. She is a member of the reading camp of Dongora FTC in the stated primary school. She is a grade 2 student. She showed great improvement in her reading and writing skills after being a member of the reading Camp. When she joined the reading camp, she was unable to read even a word. After three months of stay in the reading camp, she has improved her reading ability and reads 45 words per minute. The school Principal Ato Sintayew Derese said that’ Kalikidan is one of our best achiever female students in our school and her improvement started after joining reading camp and reading buddy. The project has created opportunities to participate male and female students equally in all reading spaces (Reading camp, Reading & Writing club and Reading parks), in our school and the school encourages those students. Kalikidan is hard working and has good behavior in the school. Ashenafi Mirga is the Volunteer Community literacy leader (CLL) in

Dongora FTC reading camp he said that ‘’ when she joined the reading camp, here reading level was ‘D’ which means unable to read even one word per the standard of MOE’’. Currently she improved a lot and reads 45 and above words per minute. W/r Genet Tadese is mother tongue language teacher in the school ensured that the progress observed on Kalikidan and said that “Kalikidan is one of our active student in the classroom, she actively participate in the classroom and community level reading activities. Shilimat Nadamo is here reading buddy She has also supported the idea of Director and mother tongue language teacher, and She said that” When I started supporting her, she knew only letters and even cannot differentiate and knew the functions of vowels, I’m supporting her 2-3 times per a week, and I have amazed her with instant change”. Kalikidan also supported the idea of her teacher, reading buddy and Volunteer Community literacy leaders (CLLs), and she said that’’ I have improved my educational achievement and my participation in the classroom and in reading camp. Moreover, my academic results have also been improving. I have also improved self – confidence to work with others and to express my feelings with colleagues.