CVDA begin to conduct Empower/ IAM SAFER training for Adolescent Girls and Young Women at Gullele Sub city Woredas

USAID Family Focused HIV Prevention, care and Treatment Project in Addis Ababa, In the previously year common vision for development association was conducted  successful Empower/ IAM SAFER training on Gullele Sub city 10 Woredas. In this year (FY22) also the training begin at Gullele Sub-City Kelem Amba School. The training has been include adolescent girls within age of 9-14 in Addis Ababa Gullele Sub-city. The trainees will be primary and high school students in all Worda Gullele sub cities of AddisAbaba.

IMpower teaches women and girls between 9 and 14 how to identify risk early, how to say no effectively, and, if that doesn’t work, how to use physical self-defense to escape danger. IMpower also helps boys and young men understand that all forms of violence, including rape and sexual harassment are not acceptable. They learn to recognize when girls or women are in trouble and learn practical strategies of how to intervene safely

The Impower training takes place in 2-hour classes over six sessions where young women and girls can:

  • Gain the mental and verbal skills to prevent attacks
  • Discover their own power
  • Know their rights and how to claim them
  • Learn physical self-defense skills

Most of all, the programme helps young women realize that they are worth defending.

Together we can prevent violence.

#Say No to Violence!

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