USAID to Ethiopia visits a reading camp

Ambassader visit reading camp

Four reading camps Identified at Wondo Genet in collaboration with kebele administration and primary school directors for the purpose of the visit. After the identification of reading camps; around 70 students have been selected who are going to participate in the reading camps. To use one reading camp as a model Bonja reading camp at Wondo Genet equipped and furnished with all necessary materials like matt/carpet. Stationery materials purchased and provided and print rich materials prepared and posted on the wall to serve as a teaching aid. Supplementary reading materials prepared in English and Sidamma Afo provided for the reading camps. Finally, on 08-Nov-2019 US ambassador and his team visited the nearby primary school and the ambassador stayed only for thirty minutes and left without visiting the reading camp. But for the purpose of reading camp visit there were other team members delegated by the US embassy and the team members comprises country director, creative Associate chief of party, regional community outreach specialist, regional community outreach coordinator. Some component of the session demonstrated by the students with the help of two volunteers. Songs, word making and reading of a paragraph were some of the activities accomplished by the students while the gust visiting the reading camp. While students presenting a song the country director was dancing and enjoying the event. She and her team were very excited on the reading camp activities and the session demonstrated by children.